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Posted by Jake on 21st Sep 2023

Plant cultivation has evolved dramatically over the years, and modern growers are constantly seeking innovative methods to optimize the growth of their plants. Two key advancements that have revolutionized the industry are the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment and LED (Light Emitting Diode) grow lights. In this article, we will explore how combining CO2 supplementation with LED lighting can significantly enhance cultivation, resulting… Read more

Posted by Adam on 29th Jun 2023

As technology advances and energy prices keep rising, it's inevitable that growers are starting to look for ways to improve the overall efficiency of their grows. As we saw with the HPS to LED revolution, we're now witnessing a similar movement from AC fans to EC fans. If you're wondering what all the hot air is about, keep reading below and we'll break things down for you!What's the main difference between AC and EC fans?When it comes to pow… Read more

Posted by Adam on 29th Jun 2023

For decades now, growers have become so accustomed to dealing with high temperatures from HPS grow lights that when switching to LED Grow Lights the opposite environmental challenges posed will often make the grower feel like they're starting from the ground up again. Environment is absolutely critical to good yields and many unfair conclusions about LED have been drawn by growers who have simply swapped their HPS for an equivalent wattage L… Read more

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