Advanced Nutrients Tasty Terpenes™ (Was Nirvana)

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Advanced Nutrient Tasty Terpenes™ (Was Nirvana) contains a unique blend of natural organic ingredients, which strengthen your plants and maximize harvest yields. The additive includes alfalfa, trace elements, azomite, and L-amino acids, which boost your plants' development and strengthen their immune system. The product also contains whey protein, which ensures that blooming-boosting amino acids are maintained in active L-form. These acids stimulate flower growth and intensify fruit flavours. The formula contains Yucca and Chilean Soap Bark extracts, which increase your plants' nutrient uptake. Growers use Nirvana for optimized harvests and powerful flowering and fruiting.


General Information

  • Growers can use Nirvanca with any type of growing system or medium such as hydroponics systems, run-to-wate hydroponics, or soil;
  • Nirvana is a top-quality additive, which is perfect for use with other Advanced Nutrients boosters and supplements;
  • Use the product during the blooming phase;
  • Nirvana comprises natural ingredients such as Calcium oxide, iron, Silica, Magnesium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus Pentoxide, Manganese, L-amino acids, and natural surfactants.



  • Nirvana is a user-friendly product;
  • Nirvana is highly soluble and plants can eaily uptake its ingredients;
  • The liquid is clean and pure and leaves no residues;
  • The product has an extensive shelf-life.


The Science

Advanced Nutrients Nirvana comprises a wide range of natural ingredients such as alfalfa, seaweed extract, trace elements, and azomite. Azomite is a source of more than 70 trace elements, which improve the quality of your harvest. These ingredients deliver the natural nutrients, which plants need for strong growth. The formula improves your plants' immune system so they can fight against diseases and pests. The product also encourages a strong production of terpenes and essential oils. Nirvana intensifies the natural aromas of your plants and delivers tastier fruits. The formula doesn't clog your system and doesn't leave any residues. Use Nirvana for healthier, stronger and tastier harvests.


How to Use

Advanced Nutrients Nirvana is compatible with any growing system or medium. Add the additive to your water reservoir at a rate of 2 ml/L.


Best Practices

Nirvana is a user-friendly additive, which you can just mix with your water tank. Add your nutrients and follow by mixing in the boosters and additives. Adjust the pH level if needed. Store Nirvana in a cool and dark place. Keep it away from extreme temperatures and away from children. When you're handling the formula, wear protective gloves and avoid contact with your eyes. In case of contact with your skin or your eyes, rinse immediately.

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