Beanstalk CRF Fortify

Size: 1lb (454g)
Sale price£34.95


CA-Fortify Cal-Mag fertiliser is used to prevent calcium deficiencies for fast growing crops. If you are growing calcium-hungry cultivars in coco or potting soil, Fortify is the solution. Best used in conjunction with both Beanstalk Absolute Flower and Beanstalk K-Boost.

Attention all coco growers! Designed for a 100-day release rate, this single-application, calcium/magnesium-fortifying additive is the plug-and-play product you have been searching for.

Apply at a rate of 1.25 grams per litre of substrate.  

If you are using peat-free or coco substrate, Nitrogen draw-down can be an issue. The slow release N from CA-Fortify ensures Nitrogen is continually available to your plants throughout.

Simply mix into your growing medium when potting up and Beanstalk’s controlled release fertiliser will provide your crop with all the necessary minerals, micro and macronutrients that they need for maximum growth and yield.

With the Beanstalk program you can use growth stimulants, beneficial biological inoculants, and other additives such as silica. Just avoid using nutritional products.

For best results, use in conjunction with Beanstalk Absolute Flower and Beanstalk K-Boost.

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