HotBox Sulphur Powder 2KG

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Powdered Sulphur is for use with the the Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur Vaporiser. The Hotbox Sulfume Vaporiser heats the sulphur via a thermostatically controlled hot-plate. The Hotbox heats sulphur just to the point where it vaporises slowly into the grow-room.

With it’s carefully controlled heating action, the Hotbox will not produce any toxic combustion products like sulphur dioxide, only sulphur vapour is produced. Sulphur vapour kills mould spores, preventing the spread of fungi and rot. Sulphur is also toxic to spider mites and various other grow-room pests. The Hotbox releases a consistent 2 gram dose of sulphur over an 8 hour period ensuring there is no wastage.

  • Excellent preventative measure against moulds and many garden pests

  • For use with the Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur Vaporiser

  • Best used in the dark period when garden extraction is switched off

  • Non-toxic to humans and does not affect growth of plants

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