Pulsar Max 720W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

With Ballast?: NO
Sale price£350.00


Pulsar Max 720W Horticultural Full Sectrum LED Grow Light has become the new normal, surpassing HPS lighting in efficiency and spectrum while reducing the traditional heat output of indoor grow lights


Save Money

The Pulsar Max 720W Horticultural LED Fixture has a distinct advantage for the seasoned grower - you can use your old Pulsar 600w Digital Power Pack as the driver for this fixture, saving you money and saving the planet too!

Dimming & Control

The dimmer control on your digital power pack allows you to dim the LED fixture from 250w upto 600W Boost to give you maximum output.

For further control over your grow room environment, your power pack can either be fixed to the top of the fixture or used remotely (within 10M of the fixture - cables sold separately).


Pulsar Max 720W LED Grow Light Provides a full spectrum light output suitable for a full growing cycle. featuring high quality white LEDs and enhanced with 660nm deep red for fuller, bigger flowers


  • Pulsar Max 720W LEd grow light
  • Power cable and accessories.




720w Max


2.71 UMOL/s light efficiency

 Area Recommendation

Suitable For up to 1.5m x 1.5m Growing Area


110cm x 110cm


Onboard the HPS ballast

Daisy chain



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