240cm LED Complete Tent Kit (Free Nutrients!)

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Please Select Media: Mills Coco Peat 50L
Please Select Water Type: Soft Water
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Are you interested in growing your own plants indoors, but unsure where to start? Green Spirit have put together a range of complete grow tent kits to start you off on your home growing journey.

We've partnered with Mills Nutrients UK and Maxibright Daylight to bring you top quality products from some of the best names in the industry at below RRP.

Each kit includes everything you need to grow, for less than you'd pay when purchasing each item separately. 

We've even taken the guesswork out of nutrients, including free Mills Nutrients UK nutrients starter packs, worth over £80 each with every one of our kits. You'll receive as many starter packs as you need for the size of your chosen tent.

What's Also Included In Your Complete Tent Kit?

2 x LED Light
x2 660w Pro Maxibright LED

1 x Grow Tent
240cm x 120cm

1 x WhispAir Carbon Filter
A carbon filter will remove unwanted odours from your grow space.

1 x WhispAir Mixed Flow Fan
To pull warm, stale, CO2 depleted air out of your tent.

1 x 5m Combi Ducting
Transports the stale air out of the tent.

1 x Duct Clips
To connect your Combi Ducting to your Mixed Flow Fan.

1 x Pair of Heavy-Duty Rope Ratchets
For hanging your light securely above your plants.

1 x IV:XX Heavy Duty Timer
Many plants respond best to a day and night cycle, a timer will help you achieve this.

50L Bags of Mills Media - Either Coco Peat or Light Mix 
This is your growing medium, which will allow your plants to absorb nutrients and stay hydrated.

Free Sets of Mills UK Nutrients 
Top quality nutrients, giving your plants everything they need to achieve a bumper crop. Includes 500ml Basis A, 500ml Basis B, 250ml Start-R, 250ml C4, 250ml Ultimate PK and 30ml Vitalize. 

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