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Grow systems, Pots & Accessories

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Showing 1 - 24 of 59 products
Grodan Rockwool BlocksGrodan Rockwool Blocks
Sale priceFrom £0.45
Grodan Rockwool BlocksGrodan
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Autopot ConnectorsAutopot Connectors
Sale price£1.95
Autopot ConnectorsIWS
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Top Spin Drippers / ManifoldsTop Spin Drippers / Manifolds
Sale priceFrom £6.95
Top Spin Drippers / ManifoldsIWS
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16mm Barbed Fittings16mm Barbed Fittings
Sale priceFrom £0.99
16mm Barbed FittingsIWS
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16mm Barbed Flow Control Tap (Red)
16mm Non Return Valve
Sale price£6.29
16mm Non Return ValveIWS
16mm Anti Syphon Valve
Sale price£4.95
16mm Anti Syphon ValveIWS
Plastic Plant Pots
Sale priceFrom £0.15
Plastic Plant PotsHobby
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Wilma X-Large Systems
Sale priceFrom £139.95
Wilma X-Large SystemsWilma
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Wilma Square Plant Pots
Sale priceFrom £1.45
Wilma Square Plant PotsWilma
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Wilma Small Grow Systems
Sale priceFrom £76.95
Wilma Small Grow SystemsWilma
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Garland PropagatorsGarland Propagators
Sale priceFrom £7.95
Garland PropagatorsGarland
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Hailea Nutrient Water ChillerHailea Nutrient Water Chiller
Sale priceFrom £264.95
Hailea Nutrient Water ChillerHailea
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PLANT!T Water Timer
Sale price£24.95
PLANT!T Water TimerPlant!t
Newa Microjet Water Pumps
Sale priceFrom £12.95
Newa Microjet Water PumpsNewa
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