2KW Ceramic Grow Room Gorilla Heater

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This industrial Grow room space heater is the perfect addition to any grow room or tent, increasing its temperature in a matter of minutes. A basic thermostat is offered as standard, but if you want to maximize your savings then a digital version would be best.

Despite its small frame (19.7cm x 19.7cm x 20.5cm), the Gorilla 2kw Heater can heat an area as large as 40mᶟ when run for long periods of time in that space—that’s a lot more heat than you might think from such a little guy!

This heater provides you with two adjustable temperature settings allowing for precise control of the environment within your grow space. The fan can be used for general cooling purposes as well, providing even distribution throughout the room.

The Gorilla 2kW Heater provides safe, dry heat in damp and humid conditions with its IP21 protection rating. It also includes a modifiable thermal cutout feature to prevent overheating.

Keep your plants toasty during the winter months with this Gorilla 2kW space heater. Its durable metal casing and adjustable heat settings ensure a safe, comfortable environment for them all year round. This heater is capable of heating a 40m space but can also be used to keep an unheated greenhouse warm or as a heat source in other applications around the home.

We recommend finding an appropriate place to set it up in your house and letting it work its magic - this small but mighty device is guaranteed to keep your plants thriving all winter long. Please don't place it too close to plants as it could dry them out too much. Always leave adequate space between your heater and plants.


  • x 2kw gorilla grow room heater




2000w Max


19.7 x 19.7 x 20.5cm


Thermal cutout


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