Control LED Spectro-Tech 300w PRO LED Grow Light

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The Spectro-Tech 300w by Control LED is a Full-Spectrum LED Grow light with enhanced Osram Near Red (680nm) and Far Red (730nm) chipsets. This light is designed specifically for flowering plants in up to a 1m x 1m Area and will easily outperform the best 450w of HPS light in yield output and quality of end product.


Near Red is very important for the flowering stage as this encourages flower formation (as the light is emulating the spring and summer months). The Far Red spectrum penetrates deep into the plant's canopy increasing the amount of flowering sites & flower density. Both near red and far red wavelengths combined, greatly improves both quality and yield.

Dimming & Daisy Chain

The Control Led Spectro tech 300w LED grow light has on board diming as standard and can be used at the following settings. Off, 40%, 60%, 80% & 100%. The Spectrotech 480 can also be connected to most 0-10v led controllers and also are control led touch screen controller. You can daisy chain up to 50 LEDs via the EXT setting on the dimmer.


  • Spectro tech 300w LED grow light
  • Power cable and accessories.




300w Max


@227VAc: 2.71 UMOL/s, Light Output ppf: 850

 Area Recommendation

Suitable For up to 1m x 1m Growing Area


850 x 850 x 82 (MM)


Yes, onboard plus controller compatible

Daisy chain

Yes up to 50 units


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