Control LED Dio-Tech 830w Primary LED Grow Light

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The Dio-tech 830W full spectrum LED Grow light combines top end Osram Chips with a built in dimmer. The Dio-Tech 830 starts up in F1 Mode (Flowering Spectrum) but has a broad spectrum allowing for excellent vegetative growth.

Our lighting solutions have been designed by growers, for growers. The result of years of dedicated research and development to optimise plant growth performance.The Dio-Tech is powerful enough to not only replace but entirely outperform your existing HID lighting, with light recipes tailored to give your garden the ultimate spectrum at every stage in the plant’s growth cycle.

have come together with one of the leading commercial manufacturers of LED lighting to produce a first-to-market, all-in-one adjustable spectrum LED.


increased Red diodes aimed at fruiting plants for higher flowering efficiency

Red light encourages the plant to flower (or fruit) and it can greatly enhance the rate of photosynthesis within the plant, allowing the plant to use this extra energy in fruit formation. Chlorophyll is very efficient at absorbing and using red light. Because of this, ControlLED have greatly increased the red diodes to enhance the flowering spectrum to give the best results possible. Simply check our spectral graph against the leading brands to see for yourself.

Multi spectrum compatible. (When used with the primary unit)

The Satellite comes with the exact same chip set as the primary unit, and when controlled by the Primary unit the satellite will replicate every spectrum at the touch of a button.

No additional timers or power supplies needed for UV/FR infill bars the master unit does it all.

Unlike other leading LED units, the Dio-Tech UV/FR bars plug directly into the wing of the light and are both powered and controlled from the light, this excludes the need for external timers or power sockets to use your infills.

Choose from 4 pre-set light spectrums.

Choose from a choice of 4 pre-set spectrums - For more detailed information about light spectrums and they effect each growth stage

Featuring a 2.9 micromole efficiency

Control LED feel very strongly about third party testing to ensure that the end user can rely on the information that we put out. In this instance, we have chosen Venture lighting as an independent partner in testing our fixtures. This was done using there state of the art integrating Sphere and Goniophotometer. Please see the published lighting report here.

Dimming & Daisy Chain

The Control Led Dio tech 830w LED grow light has on board diming as standard and can be used at the following settings. Off, linear to 100% allowing full, precise control The diotech 830 Primary can also be connected to most 0-10v led controllers and also are control led touch screen controller. You can daisy chain up to 49 LEDs via the EXT setting on the dimmer.


  • Control LED Dio-Tech 830w Primary LED Grow Light
  • Power cable and accessories.




830w Max


@227VAc: 2.9 UMOL/s, Light Output ppf: 2407

 Area Recommendation

Suitable For up to 1.5m x 1.5m Growing Area


1014 x 1080 x 82 (MM)


Yes, onboard plus spectrum selection and controller compatible

Daisy chain

Yes up to 49 units


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