Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin

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Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin is a high-performance additive, which contains a unique blend of silica, made specifically for use with hydroponic growing systems. Although silica is the 2nd most predominant element in natural soil conditions, it isn't available in hydroponic fertilizers or root zone. Plants use silica to strengthen their cells' walls. Cell walls determine the strength of your plants' leaves, flowers, and stems. Plants also use silicon as support between their cells. Around 10% of plants' weight is silica. Rhino Skin delivers top-quality and increased amounts of silica to your plants to ensure healthy and accelerated development.

General Information

  • Rhino Skin is made for use in hydroponic growing systems and mediums;
  • The formula is a high-performance additive;
  • Rhino Skin comprises Potassium Silicate (0.4%) and Dioxide Silicate (0.15%);
  • The product is made for use starting from the 2nd week of the vegetative stage up to 1 week before the flush.


  • Made at the highest standards;
  • Accelerates plant growth and ensures a healthy crop development;
  • Encourages the development of more flower buds;
  • Strengthens your plants' cell walls;
  • Protects your plants from unfavourable conditions such as increased heat;
  • Increases nutrient uptake;
  • Works well with other Advanced Nutrients additives and boosters.

The Science

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin is made to strengthen your plants' cell walls and deliver healthy and high yield crops. The product provides a highly soluble form of silica to your plants, which they can easily absorb. In natural conditions, silica is an element found in soil. Plants use it to reinforce their cells and strengthen their immune system. Rhino Skin helps your plants develop thick and strong stems and roots to improve nutrient uptake. The formula also reduces water loss through your plants' leaves, which protects them against wilting. Although most silica formulas are alkaline, Rhino Skin isn't. The formula is part of the pH perfect range of Advanced Nutrients products.

How to Use

Growers use Advanced Nutrient Rhino Skin from the start of the flowering phase up to the flush. Use the product at the recommended rate of 2 ml/L.

Best Practices

Rhino Skin is a high-performance and top-quality formula, which you can just add to your water reservoir and stir well. Make sure that you first add all the nutrients. Afterward, you can add boosters and supplements. Keep the product in a protected, dark and cool place. When you're handling the formula, use protective gloves to avoid skin contact. In case of contact with your skin or eyes, rinse immediately.

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