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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B is a top-quality 2-part nutrient made for use during your plants' vegetative stage. The nutrient gives your plants the necessary boost for extreme development and accelerated growth. Advanced Nutrients' experts designed Sensi Grow to give your plants an edge during the vegetative phase. The formula is extremely soluble and your plants can easily absorb the nutrients. It's the ultimate solution for strong and healthy plants. Use Sensi Grow for powerful plant growth and high harvest yields.

General Information

  • Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B is suitable for any hydroponic growing system or substrate;
  • Sensi Grow A+B is a 2-part nutrient;
  • The formula comprises organic and natural elements such as Calcium Nitrate, Boron Proteinate, Iron DPTA, Iron EDDHA, Iron EDTA, Magnesium Nitrate, Magnesium Phosphate, Potassium Carbonate, Potassium Nitrate, and Urea;
  • Growers from around the world use the formula during the vegetative phase.


  • Sensi Grow A+B is a user-friendly solution, which accelerates your plants' development;
  • Strengthens your plants and delivers high harvest yields;
  • Highly soluble formula;
  • Designed for use with other Advanced Nutrients additives and supplement;
  • Contains high levels of Nitrogen (2.5%);
  • Improves your plants' immune system.

The Science

Sensi Grow A+B is a 2-part base nutrient made for all hydroponic growing systems. The formula contains natural ingredients, which supply your plants with the right nutrients for strong development. The product is made specifically for the vegetative growing cycle. The formula is different from other nutrients on the market because it also contains a wetting agent, which improves nutrient uptake through the roots. The nutrient contains fulvic and humic acids, which also increase nutrient absorption. The wide range of amino acids are building blocks, which increase hormone production, oil production, and development. Sensi Grow automatically adjusts the level of the pH of the nutrient solution. Use the nutrient in combination with Advanced Nutrients boosters and supplements.

How to Use

Fill your hydroponic system's reservoir with water and add an equal amount of Sensi Grow part A and part B. For cuttings, use 1 ml/L. For young plants, increase the dosage to 2 ml/L. For established plants, use at a rate of 4 ml/L.

Best Practices

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B is a special nutrient made for the vegetative phase of your plants. First, add part A to your water tank and stir well. Follow up with part B and mix thoroughly. Don't mix both parts together. Store the products in a safe and dark place, out of children's reach. Keep the formulas protected from very low or very high temperatures. When you're handling the solutions, make sure that you wear protective gloves. Avoid contact with your eyes or your skin.

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