BioBizz All Mix 50L ( Pallet Of 65 Bags)

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65x 50L bags of BioBizz all mix palletized 

next day pallet delivery monday-friday - delivery charge is included in price 

can be discreetly wrapped as a whole pallet or each bag can be individually bagged then the whole pallet can be black wrapped 

Bio Bizz All Mix 50 Litre

This best selling growing media was developed to be the best potting soil for organic cultivation. It consists of 20% sphagnum peat moss, 35% garden peat, 10% high quality organic  worm humus, 30% perlite and 5% pre mix organic fertiliser. 

Bio Bizz All Mix has been around for years and is often the standard bearer for other soils across the industry.

Of course Allmix has been developed to perfectly compliment the BioBizz range of organic nutrients that have also gained a fantastic reputation over the years for it’s high quality results.

How to use

Due to pre-mixed organic fertiliser, you can just give pH balance water for the 1st month or so, making All Mix perfect for a mother plant and mature plants.

Available in 50 litre bags or by the pallet(65 bags). 


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