BlueLab EC Cleaning Kit (Conductivity Probe Care Kit)

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Bluelab Truncheon Cleaning Kit

Proper care of your instruments results in a better reading every time so keep your probe clean and accurate with a Bluelab Truncheon Cleaning Kit.

Cleaning your probe is an essential part of owning and operating any Bluelab meter or controller device. If your probe becomes dirty or contaminated it can effect the life of your probe, the accuracy of your readings and the health of your plants due to taking incorrect readings.

Your probe surface is where all the readings of your solution are taken, this information is then relayed back from the probe to the electronic “brain” of your instrument. Calculations are then performed in the micro computer inside your probe and a reading is finally displayed. If the information sent back from your surface is inaccurate then the micro computer cannot give an accurate reading, it simply won't have the correct data.

Cleaning your probe is a very inexpensive and simple task and will ensure that your probe will be accurate right to the end of its lifespan.

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