BlueLab EC Truncheon

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This Bluelab Truncheon is a hassle-free way of keeping a check on your EC/CF readings!

The Bluelab Truncheon is a basic EC meter for measuring the strength of your nutrient solutions.

It is important when growing using hydroponics to keep a check on your solution and keep your levels of nutrients consistently accurate. It is essential to measure your nutrient solution both before feeding and during growth and the Bluelab Truncheon is a reliable and affordable option for keeping your levels where they should be!

Packaged with the Bluelab Truncheon in this money saving offer is a Bluelab Cleaning Kit so you can keep your EC meter clean and accurate. If dirt or grime builds up on or around the probe in your meter you will find your readings become less accurate and your plants can suffer. By using this cleaning kit on a regular basis you not only increase the life of your probe and the quality of your plants!

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