BlueLab PH Pen

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The Bluelab pH Pen is a top of the range instrument for measuring the level of acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

In hydroponics, pH meters are used to measure the pH of nutrient solutions so that the availability of specific elements can be altered in accordance to pH levels.

Keeping the pH of your nutrient solution within specific parameters will prevent the onset of deficiencies or other problems caused by improper pH levels.  The Bluelab pH Pen also gives you a temperature reading for your nutrient solution which is a factor that many growers will overlook. The ideal temperature for plants roots to uptake water and nutrients in between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius so keeping your nutrient solution within these parameters will prevent any temperature shocks when administering your nutrient solution.  The Bluelab pH Pen is a very accurate and reliable unit when it comes to measuring the pH of a solution. This pocketable little device is a handy, compact and light weight in design, making this product very easy to use and transport. The Bluelab pH Pen also comes with a temperature sensor to ensure that you are also administering nutrient solutions at the correct temperature.

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