C-Result Organic Bloom Enhancer

Size: 1L
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C-Result - Organic Bloom Enhancer +20%

New to the market in August 2018, C-Result is an exceptional flowering additive that we recommend to everyone!

Simple and cost effective, use C-result once in the first 2 weeks of the flower cycle to see staggering reults.

C-Result is unlike any other product on the market today. It makes more of the nutrients you feed your plants available at all times. Enabling roots to collect and metabolise more nutrients ensures your plants flower to their potential.

Suitable for use in Soil, Coco and Hydro applications, there is no situation C-Result cannot improve.

C-Result - The Science:

C-Result increases the uptake of all fertilisers already in the growing media.

Contains patented statically charged molecules that make it possible for your plants to pull nutrients from a great distance from the root system.

These plant molecules actually work like a courier that collects all fertiliser elements and transports them to the roots.

The roots then use these fertiliser elements before returning for more. This action continues to repeat itself infinitely, so that the roots lose less energy in the search for nutrients.

The plant can now focus undisturbed on growing, flowering and hardening of the fruits and flowers!

Results: Greener, more healthy plants, more flower formation, larger / harder and more compact fruits, more resin formation and more final weight.

C-Result can also help with a number of complicated situations:

A large number of complications during cultivation can be traced back to a problematic intake of fertilizer elements. Even though liquid fertilizers or substrates contain these essential fertilizer elements; however, it often occurs that they are not optimally absorbed by the roots of the plant. Although the plant shows no or minimal defects during the growth phase, the problems arise in the flowering phase. Then the following complications may occur: yellow or light green plants, leaf defects, insufficient flower formation, open and virtually no compact fruits, small fruits, shortened flowering phase, little to no resin formation, pH fluctuations and salt deposits in the substrate.

In addition, fruit rot, insect pests, fungi and diseases find it easier to take hold without C-Result.

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