Canna Coco Professional Plus 25L Or 50L

Size: 25L (Half Bag)
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CANNA COCO Professional Plus is the professional plant hydroponic growing medium which offers several advantages to the gardener and his plants.

Canna Coco Professional Plus also has a complex water/ air system that provides the ideal conditions for this professional approach to cultivation. In addition, it contains a special mould (Trichoderma) that protects the plants against soil diseases. It can be used a number of times and it makes an excellent soil improver after use.


This is the well known CANNA COCO that we have seen for years! And cleared the way for growing on Coco indoors.

As we are used from CANNA it’s prime product carries the strictest R.H.P. quality mark and actually goes well beyond its regulations! (Read more about this in the CANNA Coco InfoPaper available at In short, it makes sure that the product is free of weeds.  The inspection is not limited to the finished product but covers the sourcing and processing of raw materials all the way to the bag.

CANNA’s buffering process allows us to ‘pre-program’ the growing medium to a certain age. This ensures you get the same consistent, high-quality material time after time. Ready for optimal use straight away.

Specially selected prime Indian Coconuts form the base for CANNA Coco Plus. Not touching the outdoor ground in the complete production process ensures the end product is free of weeds or soil diseases. Soaked in fresh water means no salts are present and make it the best growing medium of the future.

CANNA Coco Plus is pre-soaked. This means the product is ready for use straight away and doesn’t need to be very well soaked in your grow room before you place your seedlings or cuttings.

Available in 50ltr bags & Pallet Quantities 

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