Clone and Cuttings Propagation bundle

Size: Medium
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Introducing our complete propagation bundle. Featuring everything you need for successful cuttings. Our bundles come in a variety of sizes to suit all growing spaces.

Included in the bundle are the following components;

Garland propagator

The easiest way to create a high humidity environment is to use a humidity dome or propagator. This traps in moisture and prevents the cuttings from losing moisture to the air.  

The Garland Propagators come with an adjustable vent at the top of the lid to aid in hardening off the clones once they have been in the propagator for a while. This promotes quicker root growth and minimises stress caused by sudden swings in environmental conditions.  

Clonex rooting hormone

Clonex is a fantastic product, a high-performance formulation of hormones and vitamins designed to seal cut tissue instantly and promote explosive root development. Clonex also aids in preventing infectionembolism and fungal infection as well as protecting delicate new root tissue.

Because Clonex is a gel (rather than a liquid or powder based substance) it is better and safer for your plants. It can't blow, or splash like other products and thanks to its viscous nature it will cling to your stem throughout the rooting process.


Scalpels are a necessary piece of equipment for every hydroponic gardener, they're cheap and multi purpose

Scalpels are mainly used to cut clones, in order to successfully transplant a clone you must first make sure that you cut it right. One clean cut must be made – without crushing the stem!

Pluglife propagation tray

Plug Life 100% Coco Plugs

Plug Life Coco is a 100% cocopeat plug for growing seeds, cuttings and tissue cultures. Extremely easy to use, environmentally friendly and creates fast and robust rooting.

Plug Life Trays provide nutrients during the first 2 weeks of growth. With a stable pH of 5.8 (±0.2) and an EC of 1 (±0.2). Additionally it provides natural coconut trichodermas.

Contents medium

1x Propagator 23cm x 17cm x 18cm

1x Plug life tray 12 cell tray

1x Clonex

1x Scalpel

Contents large

1x Propagator 38cm x 24cm x 21.5cm

1x Plug life tray 24 cell tray

1x Clonex

1x Scalpel

Contents xl

1x Propagator 52cm x 42cm x 28cm

1x Plug life tray 104 cell tray

1x Clonex

1x Scalpel




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