Mission Controls SuperSilent Temperature Controller 4A (frequency)

Sale price£349.95


The SuperSilent™ Temperature Controller with Perfect-Sine™ combines the most desirable and sought after combination of features into this state of the art fan controller. Ultra-silent AND ultra-smooth fan speed control that is highly accurate, energy-efficient and kind on motors. Set target room temperature and the SuperSilent™ Temperature Controller will make predictive changes to intake and outtake fan speed to maintain the set temperature.
  • Controls up to 2 fans
  • Ultra-smooth & ultra-silent
  • Highly accurate & Energy efficient
  • Fixed Temperature Sensor NTC 3m
  • Fixed Night-Pulse™ Sensor LDR 3m
  • Kind on motors
  • Integral Wall Mount
  • Power Lead 3m
  • 2-year warranty
  • CE Certified

Box Contents:

  • SuperSilent™ Temperature Controller
  • Temperature Sensor NTC 3m
  • Integrated Wall Mount
  • Power Lead 3m

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