Cultiwool Rockwool Blocks Various sizes

Size: 3" Block Small Hole
Sale price£0.35


The Cultiwool substrate blocks are provided with drain grooves at the bottom to improve the waterflow under the block. This is especially useful when the substrate blocks are placed on cultivation tables and concrete floors. Another benefit of the drain grooves under the block is that it will limit the contact surface with the ground. This will avoid bringing deseases in to the plant via weak roots often in combination with too high temperatures.

As first in the industry, Cultiwool will provide the substrate with a donut ring as well, a water chamber around the plug hole to place your drippers. With the donut ring you will achieve an even more homogeneous distribution of the water throughout the block. A welcome second advantage is that you can not make any mistake anymore with the positioning of the drippers in the block.

Not only can you expect the highest quality stone wool in the market, but Cultiwool is also the first to introduce the ‘donut ring’ for the retail market to even further improve water distribution. This is in addition to the highly appreciated cross grooves to improve water flow under the block, and the black/white foil to prevent algae growth.  

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