Dr FeelGood Chitinase Magic

Size: 940ml
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Dr Feelgood Chitinase Magic

Chitnasse Magic contains chitinase which are enzymes which helps as a defence against fungal and invertebrate attacks for plants and can be found naturally in common food such as bananas, avocados and tomatoes. Chitinase can also be found inside insects or animals which helps break down and digest chitin (exoskeleton of arthropods).

Inside each bottle there is an abundance of organic compounds that are designed to relieve stress on your plants which can be caused by different growing environments for example high temperatures and high humidity.

Chitinase Magic has no added chemicals or oils allowing it to be safely used with indoor growing lights without causing the leaves or plants to burn.

Instructions For Use

Chitinase Magic is best used as a foliar spray with a fine mist. For optiaml results please apply on top, underneath and all around the leaves and stems.

Use between 10-15ml per litre of dechlorinated water (if using tao water, please expose to air for 24hrs before use). It is recommended to use the mix straight away or within 4 hours. This should be applied every 2 to 3 days.

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