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Elevate your plant's health to new heights with Dr Hydro Concentrates. Our scientifically-formulated solution boasts a blend of concentrated nutrients, essential for optimal plant growth and development. With a professional formula trusted by industry experts, your plants will thrive like never before.

- A few drops of Dr Hydro Clear Mist into your humidifier prevents the build-up of algae and toxic microbes. Even if you don't suffer from algae growth, they're still a perfect environment for the growth of Legionnella bacteria. By using Dr Hydro Clear Mist, it's residual action means your humidifier is kept clean and sterile and remains active even after the water has evaporated!

Dosage for Clear Mist: For 5L add 15ml to the tank and shake. Larger humidifiers add 3ml/l. 

Dr Hydro Clear Mist can also be added to humidifiers that already have build-up algae or microbial growth. Clear Mist will remove the algae in 3 to 5 days. After this time shake the tank, and rinse with clean water. Refill with fresh water and a second dose of Clear Mist to provide long-lasting protection. 

DO NOT ADD MORE CLEAR MIST NEXT TIME YOU REFILL THE TANK WITH WATER. Simply just refill with fresh water. Only add more product after you have cleaned out the tank. 

This is NOT for us in nutrient tanks or hydroponic fertigation systems. Never mix with anything other than water. Keep out of reach of children. 

The specialized formula not only prevents the formation of algae but also inhibits the growth of toxic microbes, ensuring a clean and sterile environment within your humidifier.

Unlike ordinary treatments, Dr. Hydro Clear Mist's residual action continues to safeguard your humidifier long after the water has evaporated. Keep your indoor air quality pristine and your environment healthy with Dr. Hydro Clear Mist.


- Dr Hydro De-chlorinator makes tap water safe to apply to any grow media. Without dechlorination, the chlorine in tap water is harmful to delicate plant roots, and the beneficial microbes that surround them. 
Once Dr Hydro Dechlorinator is used the active ingredient is converted into plant-available form of calcium.


Just 0.5mL / 10 litre of tap water!
Can be applied either before or after adding fertiliser to the water.


-Dr Hydro Fungus Gnat Root Drench is a plant-safe soil sterilant that instantly kills fungus gnat maggots! You can then catch the flying adult gnats with sticky traps positioned close to the growing media. 
The product is highly reactive, but breaks down to plant-safe nutrients after just a few hours of application. For this reason, it is authorised for use on organic crops. This product has a strong odour 


- Dr Hydro Mildew Protection Spray is a natural way to fight fungal plant pathogens. This bottle contains a concentrate of a natural and organic extract, that when diluted protects your plants 

from attack by fungi by activating the plant’s own defense mechanisms. The active ingredient also functions as a biostimulant so also helps keep your plants healthy and green with improved flowering and fruiting.


  • Apply as a foliar spray by diluting 50mL of the concentrate in one litre of water.
  • Apply until droplets begin to run off the leaf tips. Ensure a good covering of both the upper and lower leaf surfaces.
  • Best applied just before lights are turned off at night. Repeat at first signs of a return of fungal attack.
  • Suitable for use on organic crops.


- Dr Hydro Spider Mite Protection Spray provides a natural solution to combat Red Spider Mites/Two-Spotted Mites. This bottle contains a concentrated blend of plant extracts and saponins, which, when diluted, safeguard your plants against mite attacks. This foliar biostimulant also aids in the swift recovery of your plants from pest infestations. Regular use of Dr Hydro ensures the health, vibrancy, and pest-free condition of your plants, promoting enhanced flowering and fruiting.


Apply the solution as a foliar spray by diluting 50mL of the concentrate in one litre of water. Continue application until droplets start running off the leaf tips. Ensure thorough coverage of both upper and lower leaf surfaces.

For optimal results, remove any webs before spraying. Periodically inspect plants for signs of spider mites every three days, using a hand lens. Repeat applications when crawling mites reappear.


- Dr Hydro Thrips Protection Spray is a natural way to fight thrips. This bottle contains a concentrate of plant extracts and saponins that when diluted protect your plants from attack by thrips. 

This foliar biostimulant also helps your plants recover from pest attacks quicker. Using Dr Hydro keeps your plants healthy, green and pest free, allowing improved flowering and fruiting.


  • Apply as a foliar spray by diluting 50mL of the concentrate in one litre of water.
  • Spray every part of the plant, both upper and lower surfaces of leaves. Also spray the soil, surface, containers, and floor to kill pupae. 


- Dr Hydro Venus Protection Spray is formulated for use on dioecious plant species. A dioecious plant will either be female (producing only female flowers), or male (producing only male flowers). However, under sub-optimal conditions a dioecious plant can turn hermaphrodite; producing both male and female flowers. In crops where female flowers are the harvestable crop, male flowers are a major hindrance as they produce pollen to fertilise the ovules in the female flowers. The resulting seed production reduces crop quality and yield. Therefore, keeping dioecious plant in optimal conditions with the biostimulants in Dr Hydro Venus protects your crop from major loss.


Dilute 50mL of the concentrate in one litre of clean water. Apply as a foliar spray to only the large older leaves at the bottom of the plant. Do not apply in temperatures greater than 26°C.

To minimise the risk of scorch, apply just before the lights are turned off for the night. Apply just before the photoperiod is reduced to initiate flowering. Apply a repeat application 7-14 days later.



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