Dutch Pro Soil Grow (A&B)

Size: 1L
Select Water Type: Soft Water
Sale price£17.95


Dutch Pro Original Grow is a two-part nutrient solution, which means you get both an A and a B component when you purchase Original Grow. Do not mix the A and B components together directly, instead, you should add a measurement of your A solution to your water and finally apply the B solution, always in equal parts.

Please note: We at Green Spirit are pleased to announce that we now stock the NEW Dutch Pro Original Grow Soft Water formulation as well as the original hard water solutions. Please select the correct formulation for your water type.

Hard water is much richer in minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium than soft water, it is important to use the right feeds for your plants. One easy way to tell if you live in a hard water area is check for white chalky residue (limescale) on your showerhead, kettle or taps. If you are still unsure then contact your water supplier directly and they will be happy to inform you of your water type.

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