Elite 91 Roots

Size: 500ml
Sale price£154.95


Elite91 ROOTS is one of the most highly effective and dynamic root enhancing products available on the market today! This unique, proprietary liquid formulation contains the highest quality ingredients, boasting high concentrations of multiple, diverse, and viable beneficial bacteria, fungi, vitamins, plant derived minerals, protein hydrolysates, polysaccharides, organic chelates, and natural boosting health and growth hormones all in one bottle for optimal root development and increased plant vigor.


Inceases the size, density and overall effective surface area of the plants root system; resulting in healthy dominant crop growth, as well as greater water and nutrient uptake for optimal yielding capabilities.

Induces natural production of plant growth hormones such as auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, ethylene and abscisic acid for maximizing genetic plant growth potential.

PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) significantly increases yields in various high value crops, enhancing rooting of hardwood and semi-hardwood cuttings, increased seed germination and enhanced emergence of seedlings and cuttings under various conditions.

Elite91 ROOTS is suitable with all soil, soilless and hydroponic based growing mediums and can be used in conjunction with any premium quality nutrient and/or fertilizer.

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