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Essentials EC Meter:

EC Meters play a crucial role in a grow room environment, and the ESSENTIALS EC Meters are both reliable and equipped to store up to 10 previous readings. This feature enables growers to effortlessly monitor their EC readings, facilitating swift responses to any irregularities.

Key Unique Selling Points (USPs):

  1. Memory Function for 10 Readings: Easily track and log changes in EC levels, allowing growers to correlate alterations with potential changes in the growing environment.

  2. Water Resistant: Designed to float and remain undamaged if accidentally dropped into a solution. Quick removal and drying prevent breakage.

  3. Shock Resistant: Withstands accidental drops, ensuring durability and functionality even after impacts.

  4. Low Battery Alert: Provides a warning when there are only 2 hours of running time left, allowing timely battery replacement.

  5. Energy Saving Shut-off: Automatically turns off the meter when not in use, conserving energy.

Essentials PH Meter:

The Essentials pH meter is engineered to provide highly accurate readings within a mere 20 seconds! Its user-friendly design ensures convenience, featuring automatic temperature compensation and a robust construction with a lifespan of 1-3 years.

This sturdy meter incorporates an energy-saving mode, automatically powering off when idle, and a low battery indicator that warns you before compromising the accuracy of crucial readings. With the capacity to store up to 10 readings for precise tracking, this unit offers digital calibration at the push of a button using calibration fluid, guaranteeing consistent and correct readings. Additionally, it boasts a backlit screen for visibility under dark foliage, along with water and drop resistance for added durability.


  • Range: 0.0 to 14.0
  • Resolution: 0.1pH
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2pH
  • Battery: 4 x 1.5v Button Cell
  • Battery Life: Approximately 150 hours (continuous)
  • Auto Shut-off: Approximately 15 minutes
  • Product Life: At least 365 Tests
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50 Degree Celsius
  • Dimensions: 170x32x15mm
  • Weight: 70g

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