FLIRmask Thermal Sheeting (30m x 1m)

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FLIRmasks space-age design uses an outer aluminium layer which has a highly reflective finish to reflect the full spectrum of grow lighting light right back at your plants as needed. Also with its inner layer of woven glass E fibre, Silicon and high-temperature resistant resin offer AMAZING THERMAL INSULATION preventing heat loss through your grow room walls due to poor insulation. The better insulated your grow room is, the less money you'll spend on heating it, all this helps you as a grower produce less of a carbon footprint helping towards protection of the environment.

When FLIRmask is used in a sealed environment i.e. a grow room FLIRmask dramatically reduces the radiated heat into structural assemblies and walls significantly increasing the energy efficiency of your grow room.

Aluminium is a great conductor of heat as it dissipates the heat right back into the ambient air, the woven glass compound inner layer/E fibre acts as a secondary insulator storing the heat as the aluminium dissipates also protecting the covered surface at all times.

Features & Data

  • Temperature resistance up to 500'c / Melting point >650'c
  • Fluid and chemical resistant
  • Non-combustible
  • Fire and flame resistant
  • Fire and flame resistant
  • Un-match able High level of thermal insulation and low heat transfer dynamics
  • Easy to cut and form without fraying or distortion
  • Highly reflective across the full light spectrum
  • Mould and Algae resistant
  • Washable
  • 100% Light insulating
  • Durable, puncture and tear resistant
  • Tear strength - N (warp 1000) (weft510)
  • Emissivity - 0.1
  • Weight - 300+/- 10% gsm
  • Thickness - 0.22mm +/- 0.01
  • Mullen Burst Mpa - 2.34

Roll width = 120cm

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