Floor Secure sheeting Roll 25m x 4m

Sale price£92.79


Floor Secure is designed to protect your floors from water damage, take a load of your mind and protect your grow with Floor Secure.

Floor Secure is extremely thick, heavy duty waterproof sheeting used to protect your floors from water damage. Leaks and floods can occur when using hydroponic watering systems such as dripper systems, flood & drain systems or high pressure systems. If your grow room isn't properly protected then these leaks can lead to structural damage, damage to your electrical supply and costly repair bills!

For a small investment you can protect your house or growing area from such disasters, with Floor Secure the water will pool harmlessly on top of the sheeting until you can remove it safely! You simply cannot put a cost on peace of mind so lessen your worries and rest assured in the knowledge that you're protected thanks to Floor Secure!

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