Garden HighPro LEDMAXPRO Propagation Lights

Size: LEDMAXPRO Tube Medium 55cm (2x10w)
Sale price£64.95


Garden HighPro’s LEDMAXPRO lighting systems are bar LED lighting strips, designed to be used exclusively for cuttings. They work perfectly with the Garden HighPro ProBox Propagator tents simply choose which tent size your using and find a LED bar that fits perfectly inside.

Fully waterproof (IP66) meaning humidity created inside your tent will not affect your lights. Because of the use of LEDs no heat is generated helping you maintain even heat distribution.

  • Perfect for use with cuttings
  • 20,000 hours lifespan
  • No heat generated
  • 100% humidity proof (IP66)
  • Easy to fit simple match your Propagator tent size to the LED size

How to Use

Super easy to select your LED size simply match your selection to the Garden HighPro ProBox tent. The lights clip to the roof of your tent then depending on the size clip on the underside of each tray, simply daisy chain the lights together so they all work off one power supply.

Size Power Voltage Frequency Lifespan
M - 55cm 2 x 10W 110-240v 50-60Hz 20,000 Hours
L - 55cm 5 x 10W 110-240v 50-60Hz 20,000 Hours
XL - 110cm 5 x 20W 110-240v 50-60Hz 20,000 Hours

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