GAS Enviro Controller V4 Fan Controller

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The Ultimate Environment Controller

G.A.S Enviro V4 Fan Controller

The Envrio4 controller developed by Global Air Supplies gives you complete control of your environment so you can optimise your grow. It controls EC fan speeds and can also regulate ‘on’ and ‘off’ times for practically any piece of equipment in your grow room (via the four programmable sockets). This simplifies your set-up, making it easy to control your grow room and maintain a perfect environment from a single point.

With the Enviro4 you can centralise the control of all your growing equipment, due to the four programmable sockets which can control up to 26 amps of power (twice as much as the Enviro v2). Previously you would need two controllers for this amount of power, which would introduce the risk of the controllers fighting against each other. Additionally, the temperature sensor probe, can now easily be replaced using a connector socket on the exterior of the unit. By using the Enviro4 your equipment works in unison to create the perfect environment.


The controller manages your grow room temperature and humidity by digitally controlling your fan speeds. The Enviro4 Controller will automatically control fan speed for EC fans. It can control both your intake and outtake fans for your grow room. It is built to work perfectly with the Systemair Revolution EC fan range.


The Enviro4 temperature and humidity sensor is easy to set up in your grow room and uses a thermostat to detect changes in the environment, regulating automatically to your pre-programmed parameters, so there will never be any temperature fluctuations in your grow room. Humidity levels are also monitored and maintained with the humidity sensor. You can program day and night settings to keep your desired grow room climate. The Enviro4 also has an upgraded probe, allowing it to easily be replaced.


As well as controlling your fans, the Enviro4 comes with four extra fully programmable sockets that can control other environmental grow room equipment such as heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and lights. Heaters can be set to come on whenever temperatures drop below pre-set levels. For heaters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers you can choose different settings for day and night, so you’ll always maintain the perfect grow room environment. You can control most grow room equipment provided it doesn’t exceed 2,200 watts per exit. In the instance of grow lights, please don’t exceed 2,400 watts (across all four plugs) as they have a high start-up surge.

The Enviro4 also has a dump feature for closed-loop environments. For a full how-to guide, please see our Enviro4 Controller Instructions.


  • Controls EC fans
  • Controls and regulates temperature and humidity
  • Control humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, lights and other equipment with a timer
  • Centralise your control and simplify your grow room
  • Easily replace the probe
  • Day and night settings
  • Dump feature for closed-loop environments
  • LCD display
  • 4 programmable sockets
  • Simple navigation and set up
  • Fan balancer
  • For grow lights don’t exceed 2,400 watts (4x 600 watt lights)
  • Built-in fan balancer to run both outtake and intake fans
  • Max 26 amp total
  • 1.2 metre power leads
  • 3.8 metre probe length
  • Dimensions 20x9cm
  • Compatible with Systemair EC fans, Rhino Ultra EC fans and Hyperfan V2 with additional cable


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