Gold Label 60/40 Coco & Clay Pebbles 45l

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Gold Label have been producing quality substrates for over 20 years and have a long history of innovation and quality. This Gold Label hydro coco Mix Custom substrate is a 60/40 blend of Coco and Clay Pebbles, this mixture provides a number of benefits over using each medium as a standalone method of growing.

Gold Label coco is manufactured using coconut husk fibres, these fibres are washed and buffered to lower EC and remove potassium and then sieved into fine fibres. The coco in this Gold Label  Mix is extremely low in EC and extremely absorbent. The clay pebbles are fantastic for aeration (getting oxygen to the roots of your plants) so when combined in this hydro coco mix you get the EC stability and water retention of coco with the aeration properties of clay pebbles.

All Gold Label substrates are RHP certified and Gold Label are the only substrate manufacturer with a KIWA certification. Gold Label manufacture effective and high-quality substrates, if you're looking for a medium you can trust, look no further!

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