Gold Label Ultra Enzyme

Size: 250ml
Sale price£29.95


Gold Label Enzyme is a professionally blended very concentrated additive based on naturally occurring enzymes.

Enzymes are naturally occurring catalysts. Gold Label Enzyme contain enzymes that work to devour dead root material leaving more room for new roots to occupy as well as converting the dead root material into beneficial nutrients for your plants.

Enzymes are essentially a medium conditioner, making the medium a much more friendly and beneficial place for your roots. Gold label Enzyme is basically a professional recycler, especially for the root zone. Additionally, Enzyme maintains clear irrigation systems which are blockage-free. 

It is recommended to use Enzymes once a week from the third week of flowering, or once in week 3 of flowering and once before flushing. Add 0.5ml/l once or 0.1ml/l continuously.

This product perishes over time, store in a cool place and be aware of best before date.

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