Green Planet GP3 Bloom

Size: 1L
Sale price£14.45


Introducing Green Planets new 3 part system. This is Green Planets first 3 part system and they have really got it right with these products.

They are easily integrated into your current 3 part system by working with your current 3 part system you just change the part you need and when your ready start to incorporate the other parts. 

Bloom gives your plant everything it needs in its flowering stage helping it develop large fruits right through till harvest. 

  •  Nothing synthetic  
  • 100% pure natural ingredients  
  • 100% water soluble 
  • Full of Phosphorus essential for plant function and flower formation to produce larger yields 
  • Potassium converts phosphorous into energy to help strengthen cell walls to support those heavy yields 
  • Compatible with other brands 3 part system 
  • High quality product and perfect ratios 

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