Green Planet GPH Uptake

Size: 1L
Sale price£11.95


Green Planet GPH Uptake is the premier humic acid on the market, this product increases nutrient uptake and increases growth speed and essential oil production!

GPH Uptake is the highest quality humic acid available on the market and is compatible with absolutely any nutrient range. By adding GPH Uptake to any foliar spray or nutrient mixture you will improve the speed and absorption of the other nutrients into the plant.

Humic acid acts as a sort of natural catalyst for the nutrition process, by aiding in the uptake and transportation of other nutrients in your medium it increases the amount of every other nutrient absorbed and used by your plant.

Green Planet GPH Uptake contains 8% humic acid, this is a very high concentration of humic acid in a marketed solution! Try it out with the rest of the Green Planet range (or even your own, preferred nutrients) and see the effects for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

Please note: GPH Uptake is specially designed to work with soil growing mediums, if you want an Uptake booster for hydroponic mediums please take a look at Green Planet GPF Uptake.

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