Green Planet Liquid Weight

Size: 1L
Sale price£13.95


Give your plants the “Midas” touch with Green Planet Liquid W-8!

Liquid W-8 is designed to be used in the flowering phase of growth to dramatically boost your yields. This is the most effective liquid sweetener available to date! Containing organic enzyme activators, essential vitamins and amino acids as well as unique carbohydrates this product will ensure an increase in both resin and essential oil production as well as increasing the overall flavour of your crop.

Comparable to Green Planet Karbo Boost but in liquid form, Liquid W-8 is a fantastic additive to ensure your crop is of the highest possible quality. This product is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to push their crops to produce the best possible fruit, try out Green Planet Liquid W-8 today and give your plants the Midas touch!

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