Green Planet Massive

Size: 1L
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Green Planet Massive is a new, high-quality flowering additive.

Made with the best ingredients on the market this perfect blend of L-Form amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzyme activators, triacontanol and carbohydrates will do wonders for your yields by increasing the size and density of your buds! In testing, many individuals reported that Green Planet Massive Bloom Formulation increased the dry weight of their crop by up to – and in some cases over 30%!

Massive Bloom Formulation works by incorporating naturally occurring gibberellic hormones to increase the internodal spacing in your buds early on, allowing your plants time to grow and swell to their full potential. To realise this Massive Bloom Formulation aids in the transport and uptake of vital fluids and cell building materials creating truly massive, tightly packed flower sites full of aromatic essential oils.


  • larger flowers
  • Increased aromatics
  • Increased essential oils
  • Increased chlorophyll content
  • Rapidly accelerate photosynthesis
  • Enhance the plant's use of CO2 
  • Deliver correct NPK ratios
  • Increase cell expansion and content
  • Thicken cell walls
  • Increase internal floral components
  • Increased stress resistance 
  • Increase dry weight up and beyond 30% (as reported by growers)

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