Grenade BLACK Plant Boost Flower Hardener Yield Booster

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What is it?

Grenade Black is a natural hardener, developed from scratch as an alternative to chemical based PGR’s. Grenade Black won’t mutate your crop, it will accentuate it naturally.

When do I use it?

Used primarily in weeks 5,6 & 7 of the flowering phase (can be used from week 3 at 0.2ml/L and always double dosed in weeks 6/7 at 0.4ml/L). It has an NPK of 3-9-19.

Tell me more!

Grenade Black is not "just a PK", it is much more than that. You would have to combine several other products on your shelves to achieve what Grenade Black contains.

Unlike a synthetic-based hardener (chemical PGR) Grenade Black won’t regulate smells, flavour or taste. It will however increase what is naturally available within the plants genetic potential and make it the best version of itself.  

Grenade Black has a small EC value if 0.2. So if you follow a feed chart, it's recommend you add it in first, before your base nutrients and other additives.

You can use it with any other nutrient brands, and alongside their boost products, e.g Canna boost, Dutch Pro Explode etc. We only recommend that if you want to run your PK alongside Grenade Black that you simply keep an eye on your plants. If you see any leaf curl or tip burn then simply pull back on your current PK and let Grenade Black do it’s thing. You will only see this if the genetics of the plant won’t take both. Most genetics will, but to be safe keep an eye on your plants. Don’t panic, Grenade has a stress reliever built into it and you will see your plants right themselves.

An advanced hybrid organo-mineral formula is meticulously hand-crafted to propel your plants towards a robust and bountiful yield. Grenade Black represents a new era in plant nutrition, synergising high-quality minerals, amino acids, phytohormones, and biological cofactors to amplify plant energy, optimise sulphur content, and supercharge secondary metabolite production. Say hello to healthier, heavier, and more prolific crops with Grenade Black.

  • Enhanced Yield - Grenade Black's innovative formulation bolsters plant energy levels, translating into impressive harvests laden with voluminous, healthy blooms.
  • Optimised Sulphur Content - The infusion of sulphur optimises secondary metabolite production, leading to an array of beneficial compounds that foster plant resilience and quality.
  • Cost and Time Savings - With its concentrated dose rate, Grenade Black is not only efficient but also economical.
  • Diverse Active Inputs - A rich blend of amino acids, cytokinins, gibberellins, and more work in tandem to create the perfect environment.
  • Compatible Versatility - Grenade Black seamlessly integrates with various nutrient regimes, ensuring you can harness its benefits no matter your preferred approach.

How to Use

  • Shake well before use to ensure a uniform mixture.
  • During weeks 5-6-7 of the flowering cycle, add Grenade Black to your nutrient solution at a dose rate of 0.2ml – 0.4ml per litre of water.
  • If you're following a nutrient chart, introduce Grenade Black as the first step, then gradually top up with your base nutrients and other additives to attain your desired EC level.
  • Avoid using multiple PK products simultaneously to prevent overloading the plants.
  • Handle and store Grenade Black responsibly in a cool, dry place, maintaining temperatures between 5°C – 30°C for optimal shelf life.

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