Grodan Master Rockwool Slab

Size: Rockwool Slab 1.0M
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Grodan GT Master® is absolutely ideal for tomato, cucumber or eggplant growers who want to realise a generative or vegetative crop response through targeted control.

The Grodan GT Master with NG2.0 technology offers a unique fiber structure that encourages plants to completely penetrate the slab with a finely branching root system. Combined with the outstanding physical properties, such as rapid resaturation and perfect steerability based on WC and EC, crops have the ideal conditions for a maximum performance - even during periods of high solar irradiance. These properties make GT Master perfectly suitable for Precision Growing: controlled and considered management of the climate, crops and root zone environment - mutually synchronised to maximise crop performance - while making efficient use of water and nutrients.

Key benefits

  • Optimal steering range
  • Optimal irrigation efficiency
  • Uniform crop development

Product specifications

  • Single-year slab
  • Unique upper layer with higher fiber density
  • Inert open, hydrophilic fibers

Product characteristics 

The Grodan GT Master consists of a unique, dual-layer slab structure. This combination of a dual-density ‘solid’ upper layer and an ‘airy’ lower layer ensures even WC and EC distribution in the slab. This in turn leads to a uniform distribution of roots in the slab, which increases the absorption capacity of the plants.

Block-slab combination

The combination of the GT Master and the Plantop block offers growers complete control of the plant balance throughout the entire growing season.

NG2.0 Technology

NG2.0 is the successor of the Next Generation Technology and adds new benefits to the existing advantages. Water distribution is even more uniform and the crop utilises the total substrate volume better. Continual new growth of roots in both the block and the slab results in a healthier and more vigorous crop throughout the whole growing season. These benefits translate into higher yields, improved fruit quality and reduce the sensitivity of the crop to diseases. The technology is available in plugs, blocks and slabs.

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