Grotek Monster Bloom

Size: 130g
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Grotek Monster Bloom (0-50-30) has a great reputation for it's ability to pack flowers onto your plants and increase your yields. The high levels of essential minerals such as phosphorous and potassium in Grotek Monster Bloom encourages blooming and stimulates the metabolism of your plants.

Monster Bloom encourages blooming and improves fruit quality as well as impacting photosynthesis and assisting starch production within the plant.

Start using Monster Bloom when you begin to see buds forming on your plants and continue to use with every fertiliser/nutrient application during the bloom cycle. However be aware that Monster Bloom is a very strong formulation and as such it is recommended to stop application two weeks before you your harvest your crop.

Hydroponics: Use 6 g (1 tsp.) per 19 L (5gal) of nutrient solution. Add to every nutrient solution.

Soil/Soilless: Use 6 g (1 tsp) per 19 L (5 gal) of water. Use every time you fertilize.

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