Grotek Monster Grow

Size: 130g
Sale price£11.95


Grotek Monster Grow is a fantastic additive for promoting healthy, green, vegetative growth.

Monster Grow (12-07-15) provides nutrition for plants during the peak times of their vegetative growth. The nutrients in Monster Grow are perfect for enhancing growth and guarding against nutrient deficiencies.

When Monster Grow is used at half strength it can even be used on newly rooted cuttings to give them a little extra boost before they enter the grow phase, at which point the dosage of Monster Grow can be applied at recommended strength for the very best results.

Hydroponics: Use 10-12g (1.5-2tsp.) per 19L (5 gal) of nutrient solution. Add to every nutrient solution.

Soil/Soilless: Use 10-12g (1.5-2tsp.) per 19L (5 gal) of water. Use every time you fertilise.

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