Grow Genius 40% Mono-Silicic

Size: 10ml
Sale price£21.95


Grow-Genius Mono-Silicic Acid is a very versatile additives so can be used in soil, coco and hydroponic systems.

Be prepared to see faster growing, bigger yields and stronger plants while having a natural resistance to pests and germs.

Easy to incorporate it works seamlessly with any nutrient brand you’re currently using simply replace your current silicon product for this.

  • Works with your current nutrient range
  • Increases strength, growth and yield
  • Helps protect from pest and disease
  • Super concentrated
  • UK made
  • Best value Monosilicic acid on the market

How to use.

Apply weekly at 0.3ml per 10L of water or nutrient solution all the way through from veg to flower with any nutrient range, this can be applied by hand water or via your water tank. To use as folia spray, apply fortnightly at 0.5mls per litre, be careful as if your using beneficial predators as it will kill all mites on contact, simply use on roots only if so. Do not spray under full lights. Close container quickly and securely after use ethanol evaporates quickly.

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