Growers Ark Bio Boost +

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Growers Ark Bio-Boost+ is a boost that can be used during the whole of the flowering/fruiting period up until the flushing/finishing stage.

It works by providing a carefully balanced boost of macronutrients essential for good flowering, along with a range of micro nutrients and plant hormones such as gibberellin and cytokinin. In terms of the macro nutrients as well as the phosphorus and potassium (essential for good flowering) it provides nitrogen and magnesium. Nitrogen to allow the plants to make best use of the P and K, ensuring that they are not boosted by one nutrient but held back by a lack of another. Magnesium because increased K levels can reduce a plants ability to absorb Mg, as Mg is essential to a plants ability to convert light to usable energy for growing, extra Mg is advisable when boosting K.

The plant hormones and micronutrients will enable the plant to make best use of the extra macro nutrients by a combination of stimulating the plant to vigorous flowering and providing precursor molecules that help the plant make what it requires more easily, rather like taking a food supplement. We recommend that Bio boost plus is used at 2ml per liter in addition to your bloom food. At this dose Bio boost plus will add approx 0.15 to the EC of the feed. We recommend feeding at 2ml Bio Boost plus and 4ml of bloom food to avoid any danger of overfeeding, if your plants normally feed at a higher EC than this gives simply increase the amount of bloom food to 4.5 or 5ml per ltr.

Never use Boost it and Bio Boost plus at the same time use one or the other!

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