Hailea ACO-22 Air Pumps

Type: ACO-2202 Single Outlet Air Pump (100L/H)
Sale price£6.95



Hailea Air Pumps are designed for small Hydroponic set ups and Aquarium tanks - They're very reliable when it comes to pumping plenty of bubbles into your water to keep your plantlife happy.


Hailea Air Pumps are manufactured with the outlets for Air Tubing already on the Pump, so no manifold is required.


These Air pumps are perfect for driving small Air Stones such as the small blue triangle and round golf ball air stones, they also come with rubber feet to help reduce vibration, require low power consumption so they're great for growers on a budget and are ideal to use when creating your own DWC pot system.


Low energy usage means they can be left running 24/7.


Pump Power Flow Rate Pressure Dimensions
ACO-2202 2w 1.6 L/min >0.015Mpa 110×68×63mm
ACO-2204 4w 2 x 2 L/min >0.02Mpa 156×95×75mm
ACO-2206 8w 2.5 x 4 L/min >0.02Mpa 188×120×100mm

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