Hailea Nutrient Water Chiller

Size: Hc 150A
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Hailea Nutrient Chiller

If your nutrient tank is prone to getting warm, look no further than the Hailea Chiller range. It cools nutrient solution, leaving root systems healthy and free to take in available oxygen. 

Prevents root decay

Water naturally contains dissolved oxygen, which of course is vital to a plant in hydroponic growth. Warm climates can prevent nutrient solutions from retaining this all-important element, leading to irreversible damage to a plant’s root system. 

The Hailea HC-500A provides a cool, consistent environment to fully oxygenate root systems and keep plants free from algae, mildew, root rot, and humidity damage. 

Safe operation

Despite its high power, the Hailea Chiller is suitable for continuous operation. It can be used safely without fear of overheating or becoming a hazard. 

It also has an “auto-restart” safety feature so that, should there be a power outage, the appliance will automatically switch back on once the power returns. 

Quality design, quality operation 

The Hailea’s high-quality materials keep it running as efficiently as possible. Housed in durable steel, it is suitable for fresh water, salt water, and mixed nutrient solution. Its pure titanium evaporator is resistant to corrosion and will last year after year. 

User-friendly display 

The Hailea features an easy-to-read digital display. Growers can maintain total precision when it comes to their environment: the temperature is adjustable in increments of 0.1℃.

How to use Hailea Nutrient Chiller?

Keep the appliance out of your growing space wherever possible, as it generates a small amount of heat while operating (similar to a refrigerator) and may increase the ambient temperature. If you must keep it inside your grow space, allow plenty of room for air to circulate. 

Clean the chiller after every cycle using your normal cleaning solution. Always circulate clean water through the unit after this to prevent damage to your plants. Gently wipe down after every use to remove any dust or debris. 

We advise that you choose a chiller with specs slightly higher than you require, so that it is not always running at full capacity. Each appliance has the following capacity:

  • HC-100A: 100 litres

  • HC-250A: 250 litres

Where to use Hailea HC-100A Nutrient Chiller?

Use this chiller to maintain the temperature of hydroponic tanks. It is suitable for freshwater or saltwater tanks and is safe for use with water containing nutrient solutions. 

DWC, NFT, and ebb and flow systems will all benefit from the Hailea’s temperature control. 

Why choose Hailea HC-250A Nutrient Chiller?

  • Keeps water and nutrient solution at optimal temperature;

  • Prevents algae and root rot;

  • Cools water as low as 4℃;

  • Easy-to-read digital display;

  • Temperature shown in 0.1℃ increments;

  • Suitable for continuous operation;

  • “Auto-restart” after power cuts;

  • Anti-corrosive titanium evaporator;

  • Suitable for tanks up to 100L, 500L,

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Hailea

  • Minimum Cooling Temperature: 4℃

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