House & Garden Amino Treatment

Size: 100ml
Sale price£14.95


This new product from House and Garden is a sensational new additive designed to promote plant yields, growth and health by encouraging the division of cells. The product of years of intensive research and development, Amino Treatment from House and Garden is finally hitting the market.

This revolutionary new product ensures a massive improvement in both the quantity and the quality of your fruits through a complex balance of essential vitamins and minerals such as silicate particles – a highly refined and much smaller and easily absorbed form of silicon. Amino Treatment also contains an amino stimulator for both growth and flowering.Using Amino Treatment will provide a better distribution of leaves, a significantly elevated rate of photosynthesis, strong plant stems, increased root activity and uptake capacity and bigger, better fruits at the end.

Not only will your fruits increase in size and density but the sugar content will be higher too, improving the taste! Seeing is believing so try Amino Treatment for exuberant growth and flowering!

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