HydroTops Flower Feed

Size: 1L
Sale price£21.95


Flower Feed by HydroTops Will boost blooms and increase yields significantly! Once you are into your flowering cycle your plants nutritional needs will change, it is most vital that these changes are met because this will determine the crops overall result and true potential.

Flower Feed is formulated to help safely ease your plants into flower from the vegetative stage whilst providing the correct nutrients, amino acids, and enzymes. Spraying Flower Feed will add additional nutrients, amino acids, and enzymes straight onto the leaf’s surface. The benefit of this is it helps provide these vital ingredients quickly. Try using this product with Top Heavy Crop and you will find extra flowering sites visible.

Benefits of using Flower Feed: Helps ease plants from the vegetative stage into flowering. Helps with flower development. Gives extra amino acids and enzymes. Can be used with all other Hydrotops products. Made especially for flowering plants. Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre & 25 Liter Sizes. 

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