HydroTops Hydro Grow (A&B)

Size: 1L
Water type: Soft Water
Sale price£16.95


HydroTops hydro base nutrients are formulated for use in hydroponic systems and it works well in many types of system including NFT, DWC, ebb & flood and aeroponic techniques. If you’re in soil, use HydroTops solo base nutrients and if you’re in coco use HydroTops coco base.

The hard water variant has been manufactured with water that’s got a high amount of calcium and magnesium carbonate dissolved in solution, as in found in most of the UK.  If you find yourself in a soft water area, HydroTops have formulated their soft water range with higher amounts of calcium and magnesium to account for the lower base line levels. Growers in soft water areas may have results that are easier to replicate as they are not reliant on the magnesium and calcium levels stability in the tap water.

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