HydroTops Leaf Feed

Size: 1L
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Leaf Feed by HydroTopsHelps to boost growth and yields. Leaf Feed is for foliar feeding.Using Leaf Feed to boost growth and yields! During the vegetative growth cycle problems can occur by not foliar feeding. To solve this, use Leaf Feed which helps spur branch and leaf formation. It tailors to your own plants requirements and will give more amino acid chains and enzymes which will help growth stimulation.

By using Leaf Feed it is allowing more nutrients, amino acids, and enzymes to go directly into your plants which is when they need it most. They provide this through the leaves surface. By feeding through the leaf it will boost rates of leaf and branch growth. We recommend trying this product in combination with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop as they both work together to create big and impressive results. Benefits of using Leaf Feed by Hydrotops: - Can be used in combination with all Hydrotops products. Provides extra amino acids. Provides extra enzymes. Will boost branch growth in the vegetative cycle. Will boost leaf growth in the vegetative cycle.

Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre & 25 Litre Sizes, for Hard and Soft Water.

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