HydroTops Root Stimulator

Size: 1L
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Root Stimulator - HydrotopsRoot Stimulator by Hydrotops gives plants the best start at life by creating strong, firm, and robust root foundations.

The Root Stimulator works by giving energy and organic stimulus to the plants which helps build robust root foundations. It also contains refined plant hormones and enzymes which benefit the plants development. This product goes perfectly with Hydrotops Bactivator which together will increase root growth meaning more fruits at the final crop. Root stimulator will boost growth in your crop. This is due to the long list of ingredients that are added together to formulate this perfect formula. Ingredients like silicon, humic acids, vitamins, fluvic acids etc are all used to boost growth. This product also helps with uptake of water, nutrients, and oxygen provided by the nutrient solution or media.

Root Stimulator will help protect and build up a strong resistance to environmental issues like a high increase of temperature.Benefits of Hydrotops Root Stimulator:- Will help create a solid and strong root foundation. Gives energy and organic stimulus for fast rooting plants. Includes important ingredients like vitamins, enzymes, humic/fulvic acids. Aids increase nutrient uptake. Helps build up plant resistance to problems like high temperatures.

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