HydroTops Solo Bloom 1Part For Soil

Size: 1L
Water Type: Soft Water
Sale price£16.95


Solo Bloom by HydroTops an organic, one-part formulation specifically made for use with soil.This fully organic formula that has been made and especially for soil or compost growers.

The product adds all the nutritional balance needed at the important stage of the plant’s life cycle creating large, aromatic, and dense flower sets. When plants are in flower the main aim and focus is to make sure they create large flower sets. Solo Bloom (Soil) is a pH balancer and allows for the best nutrition to be given which is essential during the flowering stage. This is heighted which will allow nutrition to be consumed quickly causing a better and greater effect. This product will help create heavy yielding flower sets, better aroma, and a better quality crop.

Benefits of using Solo Bloom for Soil by Hydrotops:- The Solo Bloom formula was created specifically for soil and compost growers. Solo Bloom is pH balanced. Hydrotops Bioponic Nutrient, fully organic. Will boost flower and aromatic oil production. Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre & 25 Litre Sizes, for Hard and Soft Water.

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